Faith On Film

Faith On Film

2 Seasons

Isaac Hernandez interviews actors, writers, directors, producers and others involved in the faith-based film industry.

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Faith On Film
  • Faith On Film - Holly McClure

    Episode 1

  • Faith On Film - Trey & Ariel Fernald

    Episode 2

    Isaac interviews Trey & Ariel Fernald. They share all about their theater ministry and their feature film, The Last Appeal. Also in this episode, Holly McClure reviews the Hollywood movie "The King's Daughter".

  • Faith On Film - Benjamin Dane

    Episode 3

    Benjamin Dane shares his journey as an actor and talks about his new series, "Apart-Mental". Holly McClure reviews the Hollywood movie "The Tiger Rising".

  • Faith On Film - Thor Ramsey

    Episode 4

    Thor Ramsey talks about his journey into stand up comedy writing and acting as well as his new movie "Church People".

  • Faith On Film - Michael Carnes

    Episode 5

    Isaac talks to Michel Carnes, a 40-year professional, specializing in original development, consulting and/or the producing of films, live events, video/television and SBTV platforms and designer of interactive apps.

  • Faith On Film - Garry Nation

    Episode 6

    Garry Nation talks about how he got into acting and some of the movies he has been in.

  • Faith On Film - Fred Mosley

    Episode 7

    Fred Mosley shares about the time he went to prison and how that launched his ministry.

  • Faith On Film - Easter Special with Holly McClure

    Episode 8

    Holly McClure shares many stories of what happened during the filming of The Passsion Of The Christ.

  • Faith On Film - Matt Clayton

    Episode 9

    Isaac talks to Matt Calyton, Media Pastor and The Ark Church in Conroe Texas about how he started in media and hpw important it is for churches to get involved in the arts.

  • Faith On Film - T. C. Stallings

    Episode 10

    Isaac and Holly interview T.C. Stallings best known for his role as Tony Jordan in the highly successful Faith Based movie "War Room".

  • Faith On Film - Pierre Perifel and Aaron Blabey

    Episode 11

    Isaac and Holly discus the animated movie "The Bad Guys". Holly interviews the director Pierre Perifel and the writer Aaron Blabey. Isaac and Holly also discuss the movie "Father Stu".

  • Faith On Film - Rachel Daigh

    Episode 12

    In this episode of Faith On Film, Actress/producer/screenwriter Rachel Daigh shares about her time as a regular on the Fox series "911" and her new movie "Breath" as well as a new project she is working on.

  • Faith On Film - Tracy Robinson

    Episode 13

    With the recent leak of the Supreme Court decision on Roe V Wade, Isaac and Holly interview filmmaker Tracy Robinson who just produced her first feature Pro-Life film, THE MATTER OF LIFE.

  • Faith On Film - Gigi Orsillo

    Episode 14

    On this week's episode, Isaac and Holly talk with Gigi Orsillo, one of the stars of the recently released movie, Family Camp.

  • Faith On Film - Movie Reviews

    Episode 15

    Issac and Holly discus many movies including the "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness"

  • Faith On Film - Top Gun: Maverick

    Episode 16

    Isaac & Holly have an in-depth discussion on the movie Top Gun: Maverick and it's possible implication on future Hollywood movies.

  • Faith On Film - Movie Reviews

    Episode 17

    Holly and Isaac give the great news about Holly's new position at Capernaum Studios. They discuss her position as director of marketing for Washington's Armor. They also review Lightyear and Elvis movie.