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Watch this video and more on ACTS2

Up Next in Season 3

  • Hollywood Exposed - S3E10

    "I cannot remain silent after what I saw firsthand in Hollywood." says Tina Griffin, former Hollywood actress. Tina exposes Hollywood’s real agenda, gives positive entertainment options for kids, and helps parents navigate pop culture chaos.

  • Raising Godly Girls - S3E11

    Critical Parent Media Guide from Tina Griffin. Then, when Patti Garibay’s daughter was in a scouting program, the organization went against her values leaving her in a predicament. Kind and articulate, Patti tells about girls in today's generation.

  • Defending Parent’s Rights; Good Despi...

    In "Defending Parents' Rights" Brad Dacus Pacific Justice Institute, legal nonprofit without charge, defends parents even with a helicopter overhead & 5 squad cars. Ashvin Dhyriam Good News Networks in India has good come when everything looked bad.