Parent Compass

Parent Compass

3 Seasons

Parent Compass
  • Redemption - S1E1

    Episode 1

    In "Foreclosure to Faith" the Zambrano family finds hope in the midst of financial disaster. The Cantu family struggles with family conflict in "Grace."

  • Victorious Living - S1E2

    Episode 2

    With plans to terminate her pregnancy, Cindy discovers the power of God's love in "Girl Who Almost Wasn't." From unchurched broken homes, Rachael & Charlie struggle to be Christian parents, then shock-their teenagers speak out in "The Alpha Factor."

  • Crowded House - S1E3

    Episode 3

    Follow the Rusk family's epic journey from poverty, teenage pregnancies, drugs, and prison to a Christ centered, joyous blended family of eleven. And take an exclusive behind the scenes look at Parent Compass.

  • Hope in Christ - S1E4

    Episode 4

    From a heritage of Christian martyrs but also Buddhism, the Ko family reveals their secret to raising Godly children in "Enlightened by God's Word." The McCabe family struggles to find balance and peace in "Boy. Crazy."

  • Crises - S1E5

    Episode 5

    A baby's deadly disease puts a hospital in full hazmat gear but doctors are stunned by an astonishing, inexplicable miracle in "The God that Heals." Marital conflict threatens to tear the Collins family apart in "The We Team."

  • Discovery - S1E6

    Episode 6

    Devastated by a vicious assault leaves dedicated ministers searching for answers to life's hardest questions in "Darkness to Light." A stay at home mom searches for purpose and finds it right in front of her in "Discovering Destiny." (War Room star)

  • From Grief to Joy - S1E7

    Episode 7

    When a deadly disease takes the life of their only daughter, a couple and their three sons each embark on diverse spiritual journeys seeking the answer to one question, "Why?"

  • Walking with Christ - S1E8

    Episode 8

    Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's daughter and President of AnGeL Ministries, discusses her childhood and offers advice to parents about raising children in a Godly way.

  • Life & Family Chat - S1E9

    Episode 9

    Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's daughter, discusses what it means to obey God and how to walk with Him daily as an example to your children, and Kay Arthur tells about her life struggles and how to overcome by "Applying God's Word".

  • Life & Family Chat - S1E10

    Episode 10

    With humor, the Benham brothers, David and Jason, talk about “What NOT to Do Growing Up and How to Fix it”. They share childhood experiences as twins, the importance of creating a Godly family unit and the impact the family has in society.