Parent Compass

Parent Compass

3 Seasons

Parent Compass
  • From Never to Officer / Life Recovery Pt1 - S3E1

    Episode 1

    Officer Graham became a cop because God said people on their darkness days needed someone to be Christ's care for them. / In Life Recovery Michael Perron was Mr. Abs of Steel with ESPN & Time/Warner lucrative contracts AND a horrible meth addiction.

  • Life Recovery Pt 2 - S3E2

    Episode 2

    Michael Perron was Mr. "Abs of Steel", host of the fitness show with ESPN & Time/Warner annual lucrative contracts. Yet, he had a horrible meth addiction. God told Michael to give up his contracts. Son gets a brain tumor. Someone asks them to adopt.

  • Divine Alignment - S3E3

    Episode 3

    "I wrecked my life and burnt it to the ground." - David "I was in a car accident and just in agony" – Kimberly. At age 23 doctors told David: You are going to die if you do not get surgery today. We didn’t know what the heck we were doing. - Kimberly

  • Abel Speaks / Embrace Family - Foster & Adoption - S3E4

    Episode 4

    In Abel Speaks with Daniel & Kelly’s first pregnancy, the baby was diagnosed incompatible with life. They wanted to carry baby to term. See God's timing. In Embrace Family the Kendrick’s have 5 adopted, 4 biological, 16 foster kids; beautiful chaos.

  • Broken to Beautiful - S3E5

    Episode 5

    My mom was homeless and my dad was in prison when I was born. Drug problems, violence, a man shot is front of me at age 6. – Kaylee I grew up in El Salvador. We had a huge earthquake. We had war. – Luis We made a decision to practice our faith.

  • Love is 9 Children Under 12 - S3E6

    Episode 6

    Organized chaos. You want to hear God laugh. Tell Him your plans. God is doing something that is calling us to a higher level of trusting Him. - Mondoe Former NFL player, Mondoe Davis & wife, Lisa, have us laugh and learn with 9 children under 12.

  • Beyond the Golden Door - S3E7

    Episode 7

    Based on the book by the same name, the family tells how Dad, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant at 19, goes from fired McDonald's burger flipper to top firm exec finding freedom, love, faith & family. It is never too late to turn your life around. – Emma

  • What’s the Focus? - S3E8

    Episode 8

    John Fuller, Co-Host of Focus on the Family Radio with 6 million listeners a week, summarizes 30 years of learning and covers the highs and lows of family life touching on insights from raising 6 children including one special needs adopted child.

  • Emptied - S3E9

    Episode 9

    Four hours after turning in their manuscript "Emptied”, Jonathan Pitts' wife, Wynter, passed away in his arms. With four young girls to raise, Jonathan speaks from a personal place about his confidence in life after death and Christ even in valleys.

  • Hollywood Exposed - S3E10

    Episode 10

    "I cannot remain silent after what I saw firsthand in Hollywood." says Tina Griffin, former Hollywood actress. Tina exposes Hollywood’s real agenda, gives positive entertainment options for kids, and helps parents navigate pop culture chaos.

  • Raising Godly Girls - S3E11

    Episode 11

    Critical Parent Media Guide from Tina Griffin. Then, when Patti Garibay’s daughter was in a scouting program, the organization went against her values leaving her in a predicament. Kind and articulate, Patti tells about girls in today's generation.

  • Defending Parent’s Rights; Good Despite Bad - S3E12

    Episode 12

    In "Defending Parents' Rights" Brad Dacus Pacific Justice Institute, legal nonprofit without charge, defends parents even with a helicopter overhead & 5 squad cars. Ashvin Dhyriam Good News Networks in India has good come when everything looked bad.

  • Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda to Can, Shall, Will PT1 - S3E13

    Episode 13

    Lighthearted & with laughter, Cameron Arnett (blind man in movie, Overcomer) and wife, BJ, tell of their upbringings and how the faith of their parents influenced them. With great suggestions for relationships, they tell their Satan check strategy.

  • Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda to Can, Shall, Will PT2 - S3E14

    Episode 14

    Would you give up a top Hollywood career? Cameron Arnett, (blind man movie, Overcomer), was on about every major network; NBC’s Miami Vice, Fox’s Star Trek, ABC’s Doogie Houser, films... Both divorced & bankrupt, hear the impossible story of he & BJ.