2 Seasons

A two-year program of Biblical Studies courses that teaches through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible. Based on the example in Acts 19, where Paul lectured in the Hall of Tyrannus daily for two years and all of Asia heard the message of the Lord, the ultimate goal of reviveSCHOOL is for communities to be transformed by the Word of God.

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  • The Gospels - Lesson 25

    Episode 1

    Kyle explains the judgment between the sheep and the goats that Jesus references in Matthew 25.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 26

    Episode 2

    The contrast between Judas and Mary, magnified in the story of Mary anointing Jesus, teaches us much about correct posture and attitude before the King of Kings.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 27

    Episode 3

    The crucifixion of Jesus fulfilled not only the law, but also the prophets, yet many people and the religious of that day still did not understand and they mocked Jesus at his death.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 28

    Episode 4

    Jesus appears to the disciples and gives them the Great Commission. Join Kyle Lance Martin as he expounds on three aspects of Jesus’ last command.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 29

    Episode 5

    Kyle explains not only the background for the writer, Mark, but also the customs of the day, the structure of the synagogue, and the authority of Jesus.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 30

    Episode 6

    The friends of the paralytic man didn’t just pray about healing for their friend, they pursued it by breaking through the roof to get their friend to Jesus.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 31

    Episode 7

    Jesus faces opposition not only from his enemies, but also from his family.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 32

    Episode 8

    Jesus demonstrates his authority, and the disciples demonstrate their lack of faith, as the wind and the waves are calmed by Jesus’ rebuke.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 33

    Episode 9

    From a synagogue official to a bankrupt woman, Jesus doesn't show favoritism in meeting their needs.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 34

    Episode 10

    Jesus wants to get away with the 12 to rest; but when the crowds follow them, Jesus has compassion which leads to action and an opportunity for God to show up.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 35

    Episode 11

    Jesus dialogues with the sick and heals a deaf man who also has trouble speaking.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 36

    Episode 12

    Followers of Christ must deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Christ.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 37

    Episode 13

    The disciples argue about who is the greatest among them, but Jesus teaches them the greatest must be a servant to all.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 38

    Episode 14

    Jesus predicts his death a third time.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 39

    Episode 15

    Jesus curses a fig tree, clears the temple, and expounds on faith to his disciples.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 40

    Episode 16

    Kyle Lance Martin breaks down the parable of the vineyard.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 41

    Episode 17

    Jesus prophetically describes the “end of the age,” and warns his followers to stay alert.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 42

    Episode 18

    The disciples say they’ll stand with Jesus but can’t even stay awake while He prays.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 43

    Episode 19

    Joseph of Arimathea serves Christ in his death, even though it could have had serious consequences.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 44

    Episode 20

    Jesus appears to many after His resurrection.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 45

    Episode 21

    Jesus’ birth is announced by the angel Gabriel as foretold in Old Testament scripture.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 46

    Episode 22

    Join Kyle Lance Martin for a look at Jesus as a boy.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 47

    Episode 23

    The lineage of Jesus goes all the way back to Adam, farther than any other genealogy. Kyle uses this genealogy and supporting verses to compare Jesus and Adam.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 48

    Episode 24

    Jesus announces his ministry in the synagogue at Nazareth.