Faith On Film

Faith On Film

2 Seasons

Isaac Hernandez interviews actors, writers, directors, producers and others involved in the faith-based film industry.

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Faith On Film
  • Faith On Film - Robert Shepherd

    Episode 1

    Robert Shepherd shares about his experience going from being commisioned officer in the US Army to becoming an actor.

  • Faith On Film - Christopher Shawn Shaw

    Episode 2

    Christopher talks about how he came from a little small village to becoming a producer in Hollywood.

  • Faith On Film - Matt Long

    Episode 3

    In 2015, Matt and his crew started the arduous three year journey of making their first feature film, a faith-based zombie thriller, The Red Resurrection, that went on to win more than 20 awards worldwide.

  • Faith On Film - Hannah Ratnam

    Episode 4

    Hannah Ratnam is a fourth-generation Christian born and raised in Pakistan. Inspired by the many miracles she has experienced, her goal has become to share God’s voice through film and any other medium that God can use.

  • Faith On Film - Gary Moore

    Episode 5

    Gary grew up on stage in Chicago and got the acting bug at a very young age. Although Gary has hosted an international TV show called The Help at Home Live Show for seven years, his real love is film work.

  • Faith On Film - Mona Hennien

    Episode 6

    With over 30 years of experience in producing television programs, she has worked with numerous networks including PBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and PAX. In 2006 she started her own company, Life Focus Communications, producing programming that reflects God's goodness, telling real stories to sh...

  • Faith On Film - Joth Riggs

    Episode 7

    Joth shares about his latest project which combines action and suspense with Faith in Night Of The Sicario

  • Faith On Film - Joshua Carpenter

    Episode 8

    Joshua K. Carpenter is an entertainment executive with 8 years of experience in acquisitions and sales of Movies & TV content for Green Apple Entertainment, linear channel GAGO TV, and Faith-based division Atonement Pictures.

  • Faith On Film - Tommy Lee & Mindy Thomas

    Episode 9

    Tommy Lee and his wife Mindy share stories about her cousin BJ Thomas and how he influenced their life.

  • Faith On Film - Holly McClure

    Episode 10

    Holly McClure brings us up tp date on the state of the film industry.

  • Faith On Film - Brett Monk

    Episode 11

    Brett spent many years creating industrial films for various government agencies and much of his interest in spy and detective plots comes from experiences working with law enforcement and various “three letter agencies”.

  • Faith On Film - Holly McClure

    Episode 12

    Holly McClure has had a multi-media career that spans over two decades in the entertainment industry. Her background as a film and television producer, creative director, creative writer, filmographer, author and family-film critic, established her expertise in the family and faith-based entertai...

  • Faith On Film - Mimi Sagadin

    Episode 13

    Mimi’s acting career began twenty-five years ago in improv and sketch comedy. then she has worked on numerous films, from small indies to big budget Hollywood films. She had the honor of portraying Corrie ten Boom in the award-winning film Return to the Hiding Place.

  • Faith On Film - George Johnson

    Episode 14

    Since beginning his full-time work in television and video in 1998, Geroge Johnson has written, directed, and produced over 1,200 regional, national, and international commercials, as well as countless interactive DVD projects, music videos, and short films. He has also directed hundreds of live ...

  • Faith On Film - Chevonne & Danielle

    Episode 15

    In this episode, Chevonne O'Shaughnessy & Danielle Ryan talk about their latest movie "Finding Love in Mountain View". Holly McClure brings us up to date on what is happening in the world of Faith and Family films.

  • Faith On Film - David Matthew Weese

    Episode 16

    David Matthew Weese is a writer and director, known for Out of Time, Clerical Errors and Healed by Grace.

  • Faith On Film - Andrea Holman

    Episode 17

    Andrea Holman is a light-hearted inspirational entertainer, author, speaker, and host of a nationally syndicated show, Wake Up! and Take Her unique singing and speaking styles sets her apart from the pack. She is bold! Bold in life, bold in laughter, and bold in her delivery.

  • Faith On Film - Nancy Stafford

    Episode 18

    Nancy Elizabeth Stafford is an American actress, speaker and author, known for her roles on television. She came to prominence in the 1980s as Michelle Thomas, law partner, on five seasons of Matlock. She later hosted a syndicated TV series called Main Floor, a show about fashion and beauty.

  • Faith On Film - Sean Murphy

    Episode 19

    Sean Paul Murphy is an award-winning screenwriter with fourteen produced feature film credits including the faith-based favorites "Hidden Secrets," "Sarah's Choice," and "The Encounter."

  • Faith On Film - Rick Shaw

    Episode 20

    Rick Shaw has been in the movie business since the 1980's and has worked in every facet of stunts, from coordinating to performing.

  • Faith On Film - Donald James Parker

    Episode 21

    Donald James Parker is a writer, publisher, movie producer, and actor from the United States. He is currently working to get all of his films subtitled in the most widely spoken languages in the world to expand the reach of the messages.

  • Faith On Film - Earl Martin

    Episode 22

    Earl Martin is the youngest of three boys. He loves: art, music, movies, acting, storytelling, public speaking, his faith, his wife, his daughters, traditions, the underdogs, and life. Earl has been a public speaker since 1988. His desire is to share truth and encourage others as they cooperate w...