Billy Graham Classics

Billy Graham Classics

Sermons and inspiration from the Billy Graham Television Archives

Billy Graham Classics
  • Washington DC - 1986 - The Value Of A Soul

    The human soul has great worth. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for it; it has eternal value. We will enjoy living with him in his kingdom forever when we accept him as our Savior. Scripture: Mark 8:31-38. Washington, DC, 1986

  • Boise ID - 1982 - The New Birth

    We really need commitment. Nothing that the world offers can be counted on for long. God's forgiveness lasts. He will love us for eternity. You can look forward to living in His kingdom with Him. Scripture: John 3. Boise, Idaho, 1982

  • Ft Lauderdale FL - 1985 - The University Of Life

    Human life can be like college. We are required to take three courses - life, death, and judgment. Preparing for the real world means accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Scripture: Matthew 11:28. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1985

  • Ft Lauderdale FL - 1985 - Living On Death Row

    What does the Bible say about death? It is the last enemy; but it will be defeated and destroyed. We can have life because Jesus took on this enemy and conquered it for us. Scripture: Genesis 3, Ecclesiastes 3:2. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1985

  • Anchorage AK - 1984 - Rebellion And Youth

    Three stories, "The Lost Sheep," "The Lost Coin," and "The Lost Son" illustrate the despair of being separated from loved ones, and the great joy in finding your way back into the arms of a loving Father. Scripture: Luke 15:11-32. Anchorage, Alaska, 1984

  • Chicago IL - 1971 - Jesus Christ Superstar

    People are searching for a sign. Jesus is the sign. But is he who He claims to be, the Son of the living God? Take Christ by faith and you will know He is who He claims to be. Scripture: Luke 11:29-32. Chicago, Illinois, 1971

  • Columbus OH - 1993 - How To Get To Heaven

    People are searching for purpose in life. Traditions may offer temporary help. For real purpose, we need a fresh start, a new birth. In Jesus we are born into God's family - it's everlasting. Scripture: John 2:23. Columbus, Ohio, 1993

  • Columbia SC - 1987 - Sex Power Riches And Materialism

    We try many things searching for fulfillment, but nothing satisfies for long. There is an answer: Jesus Christ. All knowledge and riches and pleasures and power are His. He is truth. Scripture: Matthew 12:38-42. Columbia, South Carolina, 1987

  • Houston TX - 1981 - Why I Am An Optimist

    Personal problems don't have to overwhelm you. Pressures don't have to discourage you. Jesus has overcome the world. Let your heart be changed by Him. You can be an optimist because of the power of Christ. Scripture: Psalm 102. Houston, Texas, 1981

  • Pittsburgh PA - 1993 - Is The End Of The World Close

    God knows how to deliver you when you turn to Him and pray. The sins of the world are prevalent; they are leading us to judgment. The good news is that God sent Jesus to save us. Scripture: II Peter 2:5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1993

  • Albuquerque NM - 1975 - God Plus You

    Have you ever felt, "I'm not good enough?" Billy Graham explains the power of "God plus you" to overcome our human weaknesses and help us reunite with Him. Scripture: Judges 7:20. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1975

  • Anaheim CA - 1985 - Will The World Survive

    The world is an uncertain place. In our society we often live in fear and constant unrest. But we can have security right now, and for the rest of eternity, if we trust in Jesus Christ. Scripture: Matthew 24:36-39. Anaheim, California, 1985

  • Extraordinary Journey Anniversary Special

  • BGCX-2006-01 The High Cost of Following Christ 2830 HD CC 022023