2 Seasons

A two-year program of Biblical Studies courses that teaches through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible. Based on the example in Acts 19, where Paul lectured in the Hall of Tyrannus daily for two years and all of Asia heard the message of the Lord, the ultimate goal of reviveSCHOOL is for communities to be transformed by the Word of God.

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  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 25

    Episode 25

    Kyle explains the blessing Jacob gives to Joseph and his sons.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 26

    Episode 26

    Kyle wraps up the book of Genesis with the death of Jacob and later, the death of Joseph.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 27

    Episode 27

    Kyle introduces a new word, pointing to Christ, for the book of Exodus.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 28

    Episode 28

    Kyle unfolds God’s plan to use Moses to deliver his people out of slavery in Egypt.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 29

    Episode 29

    Kyle lists another of Moses’ excuses and asks the Church if the same excuses are getting in the way today.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 30

    Episode 30

    Kyle highlights Exodus, chapter 6, as an outline for the entire Pentateuch as well as naming heroes and heads of the Levite family.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 31

    Episode 31

    As Kyle begins to unfold the plagues in Egypt, he warns against false teachers displaying false signs and wonders.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 32

    Episode 32

    Kyle continues with the plagues in Egypt and asks the question: When the Holy Spirit is speaking, do you harden your heart?

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 33

    Episode 33

    Kyle discusses God’s justification in killing the firstborns with the 10th plague in Egypt.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 34

    Episode 34

    Kyle correlates Passover and the death of a lamb to Jesus’ death and our salvation.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 35

    Episode 35

    Kyle argues for the pre-incarnate Christ’s presence in the pillar of cloud and fire that led the Israelites in the wilderness.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 36

    Episode 36

    Kyle discusses the importance of intercession as Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ arms during Joshua’s battle with Amalek.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 37

    Episode 37

    Kyle lists ways God views Israel as stated in the Mosaic covenant.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 38

    Episode 38

    From slavery to sanctity of life, Kyle tackles ordinances in the law of Moses.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 39

    Episode 39

    Kyle teaches through another list of ordinances and shows how God is setting apart his people to be holy.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 40

    Episode 40

    Kyle encourages us to celebrate all that God has done in our lives, just as God commanded the Israelites to celebrate certain festivals.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 41

    Episode 41

    Kyle unpacks the plans for the arc of the covenant, mercy seat, table of showbread, and golden lampstand that were given to Moses on the mountain.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 42

    Episode 42

    Kyle explains more of the tabernacle, including the curtain separating the holy place from the most holy place and how that correlates to Jesus in the New Testament.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 43

    Episode 43

    The priests are to come to the table with a pure heart, representing the people without guile, and worship without deviating from the commands.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 44

    Episode 44

    As the holy priesthood, we’ve been washed, clothed, anointed, forgiven, dedicated, marked by the blood, and fed.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 45

    Episode 45

    Everybody plays their unique part: Moses receiving the Word, the skilled craftsmen building the tabernacle, and the priests serving in the tabernacle.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 46

    Episode 46

    Kyle explains, the best remedy for a broken heart is a new vision of the Glory of God.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 47

    Episode 47

    The presence of God shone on Moses’ face so much so, that he had to wear a veil.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 48

    Episode 48

    When skilled people function out of obedience to what the Lord is asking them to do, it points people to God.