2 Seasons

A two-year program of Biblical Studies courses that teaches through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible. Based on the example in Acts 19, where Paul lectured in the Hall of Tyrannus daily for two years and all of Asia heard the message of the Lord, the ultimate goal of reviveSCHOOL is for communities to be transformed by the Word of God.

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  • The Gospels - Lesson 73

    Episode 1

    Kyle Lance Martin discusses four witnesses to the identity of Jesus as the Son of God.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 74

    Episode 2

    Kyle notes four crowd responses after Jesus announces, “I am the Bread of Life.”

  • The Gospels - Lesson 75

    Episode 3

    Join Kyle as he explains the Festival of Booths and what Jesus’ proclamation has to do with the Holy Spirit.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 76

    Episode 4

    The second of Jesus’ I AM statements is revealed by Kyle and he discusses the statements that the religious make at the end of John, chapter 8.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 77

    Episode 5

    Kyle outlines four titles of Christ in the story of the healing of the man who was born blind.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 78

    Episode 6

    Join Kyle Lance Martin for a look at Jesus as The Shepherd.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 79

    Episode 7

    Kyle takes a look at God’s divine timing in the death and resurrection of Lazarus.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 80

    Episode 8

    Kyle takes a look at New Testament scriptures that point back to the Old Testament law and prophets.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 81

    Episode 9

    Team member Ryan Schrag shares lessons we can learn from the identity and the humility of Christ.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 82

    Episode 10

    Join Kyle for a study on not letting your heart be troubled.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 83

    Episode 11

    Team member Matt Reynolds discusses remaining connected to Jesus.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 84

    Episode 12

    Kyle Lance Martin implores us not to elevate tradition over truth.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 85

    Episode 13

    Matt Reynolds tackles Jesus’ high priestly prayer and how it applies to modern-day believers.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 86

    Episode 14

    Ryan Schrag takes us through John’s perspective of the trial of Jesus.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 87

    Episode 15

    Kyle delivers the bad news that must come before the good news as he teaches through the final moments of Jesus' life.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 88

    Episode 16

    Kyle substantiates Jesus' resurrection by listing the first witnesses that Jesus interacted with after coming back to life.

  • The Gospels - Lesson 89

    Episode 17

    Kyle wraps up the Gospels with a discussion about fires of restoration as seen at the end of John.