2 Seasons

A two-year program of Biblical Studies courses that teaches through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible. Based on the example in Acts 19, where Paul lectured in the Hall of Tyrannus daily for two years and all of Asia heard the message of the Lord, the ultimate goal of reviveSCHOOL is for communities to be transformed by the Word of God.

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  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 1

    Episode 1

    Kyle introduces reviveSCHOOL and explains the picture of Christ as “The Seed” found in Genesis.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 2

    Episode 2

    Kyle relays the story of Cain and Abel emphasizing the importance of the firstborn and bringing your best to God.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 3

    Episode 3

    Kyle discusses the mandate to Noah’s sons to be fruitful and multiply and what that has to do with God’s ultimate plan.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 4

    Episode 4

    Kyle lists seven promises God gave to Abram.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 5

    Episode 5

    Kyle paints a picture of Abraham’s growing faith.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 6

    Episode 6

    Kyle recounts the way God spoke personally to him as he tells the story of Abraham’s personal encounter with God.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 7

    Episode 7

    Kyle explains viewpoints on Christ’s physical appearances in the Old Testament.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 8

    Episode 8

    Kyle teaches through the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 9

    Episode 9

    Kyle points out God’s faithfulness to Abraham and later to Hagar.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 10

    Episode 10

    Kyle discusses 4 areas of Abraham’s faith and 4 types of seed that are Abraham’s legacy.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 11

    Episode 11

    Kyle outlines the prayer of Abraham’s faithful servant.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 12

    Episode 12

    Kyle highlights Rebekah’s pain, faith, and importance in being the seed bearer.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 13

    Episode 13

    Kyle encourages us all to finish well as he presents 4 ways Isaac did not walk in faith but relied on his senses.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 14

    Episode 14

    Kyle explains how the seed continues through the seed-bearer, Leah, the unloved wife of Jacob.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 15

    Episode 15

    Kyle explains the struggle between Leah and Rachel because they did not keep their eyes on God, but focused on their circumstances instead.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 16

    Episode 16

    Kyle lists four ways that God speaks to both Jacob of the Old Testament and to us today.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 17

    Episode 17

    Kyle unpacks a defining moment in Jacob’s life and the history of Israel as Jacob wrestles with God on his way back to the promised land.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 18

    Episode 18

    Join Kyle as he teaches through tragedy and refocus in the life and family of the patriarch Jacob.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 19

    Episode 19

    Kyle explores whether Joseph acted in innocence or arrogance toward his brothers.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 20

    Episode 20

    Kyle takes a look at the story of Tamar and Judah, continuing evidence that God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect plan.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 21

    Episode 21

    Kyle looks at Joseph’s temptation in Egypt and how the Lord is with him even in prison.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 22

    Episode 22

    Kyle describes the moment Joseph first met with his brothers after 21 years of separation.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 23

    Episode 23

    Kyle continues the story of Joseph in Egypt as his brothers return with the youngest, Benjamin.

  • The Pentateuch - Lesson 24

    Episode 24

    Kyle emphasizes God’s provision as he conveys the reuniting of Joseph with Israel in the land of Goshen.