Parent Compass

Parent Compass

3 Seasons

Parent Compass
  • Wonderfully Made - S2E1

    Episode 1

    With a surprise birth twice, the McJunkin family learns more the meaning of “Wonderfully Made”. Through challenges in parenting, business, marriage, pregnancies, and financial hardship for many years, the McJunkins walk with God.

  • Being Set Free - S2E2

    Episode 2

    Breaking the generational cycle of poverty, drug abuse, and imprisonment…bringing up and educating incarcerated women to reunite them with their children, these are some of the exciting messages in the Olgin family episode.

  • Infertility-Not So / Minting Faith & Work - S2E3

    Episode 3

    Years of infertility plagued the couple, until through Christ, off medicine and diet change, babies came! / Next, a family follows God, even when the twists and turns make no sense. They incorporate their faith in their work and successful company.

  • Mission Possible: War and Peace - S2E4

    Episode 4

    NFL player and Navy SEAL, one of the highest ranks in the military to achieve, Clint Bruce, is on mission. Clint has fought and risked his life for people like you. See perspective of ups and downs that will leave you inspired to conquer your hill.

  • Light in Dark Places - S2E5

    Episode 5

    Three women show up at the pastor’s wife’s door and so begins a ministry pulling women out of the sex industry. Her father, is in lifelong imprisonment from what started as porn to addiction out-of-control. Her son, age 17, speaks against porn.

  • Persecuted – Not Broken / “4 Under 5” - S2E6

    Episode 6

    Called a Billy Graham for his faith, John and fiancée are imprisoned with great persecution of Christians. Hear each escape. / It's 4 under 5 for the Chois. Debbie speaks on her serious, irrevocable past mistakes and now full surrender to God.

  • Overcome / Fight - S2E7

    Episode 7

    Alex and Stephen Kendrick, producers of movies: Overcomer, War Room, Courageous...on Can we "know our identity in Christ"? Then, Part 1 of Jonathan Evans on Fight for your Family; What about kids, choices, technology and NOT raising your voice?

  • Running from God vs. Giving Ownership - S2E8

    Episode 8

    In the NFL as a professional football player, Jonathan ran as fast from God as he possibly could. Hear how that worked out for him. Jonathan Evans is Chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys and son of well-known radio host, Dr. Tony Evans.

  • Vertical Marriage: The Marriage Secret - S2E9

    Episode 9

    Ann - “I have lost feelings for you.” Dave - “All I hear is, ‘Boo!’” Told with humor, Ann and Dave Wilson, hosts of Family Life, tell about Vertical Marriage: The Marriage Secret, that saved their marriage.

  • Seeing Kids from God’s Eyes - S2E10

    Episode 10

    What if your dad left you at age 6? Is there hope for your teenagers? When pulled apart, how do we bring God in? With humor, Family Life Hosts Ann & Dave Wilson talk: Seeing as God sees-the greatness He made in your children. Lisa Anderson/Singles.

  • Young Adults on How to Get it Right / Stop Suicide - S2E11

    Episode 11

    Lisa Anderson, Host of Focus on the Family Boundless to young adults, tells what young adults would tell parents to get it right. June Hunt, Host of Hope for the Heart radio, gives the seven scriptural reasons to not commit suicide and a contract.

  • Kingdom is Coming! - Revival in the Movie Industry - S2E12

    Episode 12

    Jon and Andy Erwin & Kevin Downes, producers of movies like "I Can Only Imagine", had the biggest announcement in 50 years of Christian movie history: NEW Kingdom Studios & 4 movies: I Still Believe/Jeremy Camp; Jesus Revolution/Greg Laurie & more...

  • What’s Our Pilgrim’s Progress? - S2E13

    Episode 13

    Passionate & open, Ryan Dobson, son of Dr. James Dobson, discusses his Dad, Family Talk, Rebel Parenting, and the new animated movie of the 2nd most read book of all time, Pilgrim’s Progress. This adventurous movie depicts the journey we are all on.

  • Trauma Overcome - S2E14

    Episode 14

    Left for dead from abuse at a young age, Victor Marx, military Marine veteran, has overcome many traumas. Hear his passionate story to victory! Although high-risk, he helps children who have suffered trauma in the Middle East and affected by ISIS.