Dino Hunter Series

Dino Hunter Series

3 Episodes

Dino Hunter is hosted by Emmy award winning host, Jeremy McLaughlin. This new series explores the mysteries of dinosaurs, how they fit into the Biblical record, how the Flood greatly impacted their future, evidence of dinosaurs after the Flood, as well as presenting evidence to confront claims by secular paleontologists that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Jeremy will travel the world to explore dinosaur sites and interview the experts in paleontology who hold to a biblical worldview.

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Dino Hunter Series
  • Discovering Soft Dinosaur Tissue

    Episode 1

    Scientist Mark Armitage shares how dinosaur soft tissue was first discovered by Mary Schweitzer and Dr. Jack Horner in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. Mark shares how he followed Mary’s research and discovered more soft tissue in a triceratops horn, showing how soft tissue is plentiful and c...

  • Digging for Dinosaur Soft Tissue

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy ventures out into the Hell Creek formation in eastern Montana. He’ll dig up dinosaurs with Mark Armitage, and paleontologist, Otis Kline, as they search for more dinosaur bones containing soft tissue. All this and more in the “Digging for Dinosaur Soft Ti...

  • High Tech Dinosaur Digging

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy visits with paleontologist Dr. Art Chadwick at the Dinosaur Research Project in eastern Wyoming, one of the largest dig sites in the world. Jeremy will learn the high tech methods Dr. Chadwick and his team use for logging each bone and creating a 3D map of e...