Chester's Garage

Chester's Garage

3 Seasons

From the children's ministry of West Acres Baptist in Evans, GA comes the zany exploits of Chester and his Robot friend as they explore the world around them and find Biblical truths at every stop. Great for preschoolers and early elementary age children.

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Chester's Garage
  • Chester's Garage | "Summer Camp Part 1"

    Episode 1

    🎉 The first episode of Season 4 is here! 🎉 Follow Chester to the one place he fears more than anything: The great outdoors!! 🌲 Will he make new friends at summer camp? Will he get over his fear of wild turkeys? Find out now! And be sure to join us every Saturday for a brand new episode!

  • Chester's Garage | "Summer Camp Part 2"

    Episode 2

    Chester is finally settling in to camp life while Zeke is having a hard time adjusting to the camp food. When a rare chance at a star-gazing hike comes up, Chester and Zeke both jump at the chance. Be sure to watch the episode to see what happens when Chester brings more than he can handle on the...

  • Chester's Garage | "Summer Camp Part 3"

    Episode 3

    It's the FINAL week at Camp Falling Pines and soon Chester and Robbie will have to say goodbye to Zeke and Mr. Foot. But before they leave, Mr. Foot reveals that he has a BIG surprise for all the campers! What is it? Be sure to watch the episode to find out!

  • Chester's Garage | "Fruits and Veggies"

    Episode 4

    Fall is here and Chester is back in the garage! In order to help Grandpa U-Gene, will Chester be able to create an invention that will help him tell a fruit from a veggie?

  • Chester's Garage | "The Magic of Music"

    Episode 5

    Chester gets to go on a field trip to the mysterious Museum of Music! No one knows where it came from; it popped up out of nowhere during the night! Join Chester as he meets the quirky Maestro and learns all about music and worship!

  • Chester's Garage | "Dark and Stormy"

    Episode 6

    It's Halloween at the Stephenson house and Alex and Chester are ready to go trick-or-treating! But when a bolt of lightning cuts the power in the house Alex realizes Chester has a very real fear of storms!

  • Chester's Garage | "Exercise, Exercise!"

    Episode 7

    Chester and Alex have gotten lazier and lazier the colder it gets! Instead of listening to Robbie's advice, Chester sets out to create an invention that will exercise for him so he won't have to!

  • Chester's Garage | "Dinosaurs and Kings"

    Episode 8

    Chester has a surprise for his best buds, Zeke and Gobi! Chester and Robbie have actually created their very own Virtual Reality System! What will happen when they're inside the program?

  • Chester's Garage | "Worried or Thankful?"

    Episode 9

    In this very special Thanksgiving episode, Chester finds that he has quite a task ahead of him: both Grandpa U-Gene and Alex have lost sight of what it means to be thankful for our blessings! Hopefully Chester can remind them before Alex's harebrained scheme blows up in their face!

  • Chester's Garage | "Christmas Special"

    Episode 10

    Join us for a very special Chester's Garage Christmas Special! As everyone prepares for the church Christmas play, Chester goes a little bonkers for the Christmas season. Will anyone be able calm him down before the play? And what special, secret prop has Chester made for the Christmas play?